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Collaboration manifest

Dear Scientists, Researchers and Inventors,
We are from different countries, We spoke in different languages, but all of us works under some unique direction of scientific research. Sciary helps you to find the same research to save you time, Sciary helps you to find colleagues from different countries of the world to concentrate scientific facility in your scientific direction, Sciary helps you to share results of your scientific research for everyone. All Sciary resources are free and are going to be free forever.
Dear Teachers, Professors,
Sciary proposes for you unified eLearning platform that meets one of the strongest educational requirements. Nowadays we propose you to create eLearning course, share teaching materials and start teaching experience. Sciary proposes unified classroom support service for unlimited resources and time. We work to make you job easier, more productive and fruitful. All Sciary resources are free and are going to be free forever.
Dear Universities and Educational establishments,
Sciary is scientific and educational library. We propose unified eLearning and classroom support service for your professors and students. We would like to give worldwide scientific knowledge for your audience. For us it is extremely important to collaborate with you to integrate our facility together and increase our productivity. We will be glad to unify our resources to meet all your individual requirements. Sciary is open and ready for any type of collaboration. Just inform us, please.
Dear Investors,
Sciary is a group of scientists and teachers which would like to change future today. We have created Sciary project to collaborate scientist, teachers and students around the world. Today Sciary has millions of scientific and educational pages. Hundreds of users who use our resources confirm our point of view. Currently we are looking for investor who would like to help us to widespread and improve our service. Please, contact Sciary team.

Let's do our job together to make future tomorrow.

We are open for collaboration in any directions of our activity. We will be very pleased for any proposition of collaboration from every one. In any case, we will be glad to receive any message from you with remarks about our service.