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SCIARY resources grantee full-scale support of eLearning process. The eLearning is extremely dynamic sphere. Every day the hundreds of new approaches in learning world are applied.

eLearning is educational technology that electronically or technologically supports learning and teaching. Today eLearning is directly connected with sharing information via Internet. Web based technology like (HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript) can meet any 'crazy' ideas which realize learning. Textual, visual, audial, gaming, real time simulation technologies are available now for tutors. All of that can involve everyone to learning.

Today eLearning systems make step forwards of computers. User of eLearning resource can use different electronic devices to have access to knowledge. It doesn't mater if you use computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device to access to your favorite eLearning resources. eLearning is suitable for distance learning and flexible learning. It is not necessary to sit at home and read books. Users can travel and study. They can do it anywhere at any time. Learning world does not have any country borders and is available 24 hours 7 day per week.

eLearning technologies have been applied in all levels of learning and going up rapidly. Preschool, public K-12 schools, higher education establishments, companies and many others use it today.

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eLearning has been adopted and used by various companies to inform and educate both their employees and customers. Companies with large and spread out distribution chains use it to educate their sales staff about the latest product developments without the need of organizing physical onsite courses. Compliance has also been a big field of growth with banks using it to keep their staff's professional knowledge levels up. Other areas of growth include staff development, where employees can learn valuable workplace skills.

eLearning technologies save education time and money. This is the key point of eLearning. That's way eLearning technologies is the key features of global educational process and key of success.