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Materials published in DS/CN are ©DS/CN for the purpose of protecting authors rights. All other rights remain with the author(s) and are governed by Creative Common licensing. By making a submission to DS/CN the submitting agent(s) or corresponding author(s) certify that they understand this policy, and that they are authorized by all co-authors to enter into these arrangements. They warrant, on behalf of themselves and their co-authors, that the article is original, has not been formally published in any other peer-reviewed journal, is not under consideration by any other journal, and does not infringe any existing copyright or any other third party rights. They agree to the following license arrangement: Anyone is free to copy, distribute, and display this work, under the following conditions: the original author(s) must be given credit and the original place of publication, DS/CN is acknowledged via standard academic citation practices; for any reuse or distribution, it must be made clear to others what the license terms of this work are. Any of these conditions can be waived with written permission of the authors and DS/CN.


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