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Upon submitting a contribution, the FQS editors have the right, after a successful peer review, to publish it. After the contribution appears in FQS , it is still possible to publish it elsewhere after the consent of the FQS editors and with reference to the place of the first publication. The contributions submitted should be original ones. They should not have been published or submitted for publishing at any other point in time in a similar form or with generally the same content. It is the responsibility of the author, not of FQS , to obtain permission to use any previously published and/or copyrighted material. Reprints of contributions already published elsewhere are only accepted if (a) it appeals to the interests of the FQS readers and it has not already reached a wide audience and if (b) it is assured that the copyright owner allows the reprint (in the case the submitting person is not the copyright owner). If these conditions are fulfilled, FQS may accept reprints, which will be published with reference to the place of the first publication. FQS has the right to publish any contribution e.g. on CD-ROM or for selected print editions at any time in the future. In that case, the respective authors will be informed. Authors will also be notified, if other publishers ask for reprints of contributions, originally published in FQS . For further questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail .


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