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Nataliia Kuzmenko
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Application for aircraft tracking

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One of the most important problems of flight safety is monitoring of air traffic. Some questions of software development for aircraft tracking have been discussed in this article. Position reports of ACARS have been used for aircraft tracking around the world. The way of information obtaining from aircraft to the ground servers was regarded. Data access via the Internet connection has been represented. An algorithm of aircraft coordinates decoding and visualization of aircraft position on the

Article was published in 2013 in Jornal "Proceeding of the NAU.".

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Key words:

ACARS, Tracking, Aircraft, Internet, Position, Software

Ostroumov I.V. Application for aircraft tracking / I.V. Ostroumov, N.S. Kuz’menko // Proceeding of the NAU.. — 2013. — V. 3, Is. 48. — P. 43.