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Ivan Ostroumov
Field of Science:
The Earth magnetic field characteristics investigations have been represented, with the help of group of sensors located in pocket devices such as tablet, mobile phone or others. Result of parameters interpolation has been represented for some local area.

magnetic field, tablet, mobile phone, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, interpolation, polynomial, approximation.


Global Earth’s Magnetic field is one of the most important things in planetary structure. Also magnetic field is one of the key elements for navigation purposes. Its parameters are extremely important for direction detection and other applications. For example in inertial navigation systems global magnetic field has been used for sensors calibration. Characteristics of magnetic field have been using for rotation detection and angular speed calculation too. Typically total magnetic field in some point of atmosphere has been sum of thee different components: main magnetic field – is result of geomagnetic process inside of Earth core; external magnetic field – is result of sun influence, depends on current solar activity and usually less than 5% of total magnetic field; anomalous – is result of influence of different ground anomalous areas which contain some ore deposits with magnetic characteristics in earth crust. But some of magnetic anomalies are impossible to description by ore deposits for example “Big Atlantic anomaly”. Nowadays it is possible to detect influence of different human – made structures to total magnetic field. This is the result of wide metal construction usage in city building. Of course this type of influence is a part of anomalous magnetic field, but it is directly connected with results of human changing. In this case we can access natural and human based components of anomalous field. Also for humane based part we can include different electrical devices which can result in magnetic injection.

All sensors which we need can be found inside of typical tablet or in modern cell phone. That’s way it is need 3 magnetometers (they will sense Tx, Ty, Tz components of intensity vector), 3 gyroses (to detect angular position of tablet) and positioning sensor – GPS receiver (to data composition).